An Educational Delight For Every Collection!

Low bone density is a growing global epidemic. However, for the vast majority of its victims, this disorder is completely preventable. Osteoporosis’ greatest ally is lack of awareness.

Working together, we can stop the spread of life-threatening medical conditions. Add this book to your collection and go one step further. Hold a Health Awareness week-long event at your establishment.

Invite local medical professionals to donate informational pamphlets and even a skeletal display for the week. I will even provide a promotional video that you can play at certain hours of the day.

I do ask that we freely share event planning strategies and templates with our global neighbors to help them spread the word. Together, we can enlighten your staff and patrons while offering them simple, yet effective solutions to prevent or reverse this terrible disease.

Oh. Before I forget. Consider adding my award-winning book, Osteoporosis & Osteopenia: Vitamin Therapy for Stronger Bones, to your collection. It is rooted in peer-reviewed studies from around the world. Standard discounts apply. Please download the media kit for additional details.

Feel free to contact me via the following form.

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