No. 1 Bestselling Author

Bryant Lusk is an author and military veteran who grew up on the tough south side of Chicago. Despite growing up with the ever-present challenges of gang violence and poverty, he became a successful Safety Inspector and Quality Control Specialist with the United States Government.

Bryant spent four years in the United States Air Force, gaining valuable experience and learning the true meaning of pride and empowerment. His desire to serve and protect others led him to write the installments to his Share the Health book collection. With a determination to prevent and treat debilitating conditions, Bryant’s books have helped many.

With his latest offering, he shifts the focus to naturally treat heart disease and hypertension, a set of conditions that inflicts pain and fatalities on millions of women and men worldwide. By identifying the best formulations of vitamins and minerals required to treat osteoporosis and osteopenia naturally, his approach to vitamin therapy is both affordable and effective. He includes a natural strategy to improve liver function, which is a critical component for building stronger bones and improving overall health.

In his free time, Bryant enjoys watching classic films and cultural encounters. He particularly enjoys spending quality time with friends and loved ones and of course carrying out research and writing on the things that go toward helping millions of people to improve their health and quality of life.

“I measure success by the number of people that I affect in a positive and meaningful way.”